Discovering Punjabi Food: A Tasty Adventure.

Hailing from the lively nation of Punjab in North India, Punjabi food is a blend of flavors that captures the true essence of tradition and taste. In this blog, we’ll embark on a delicious expedition through the world of Punjabi dishes, wherein every dish tells a tale of spices, heartiness, and cultural richness. Whether you’re a food lover or a casual explorer of tastes.

Best Punjabi food

  •  Sarso Da Saag and Makke Di Roti: 

Sarso Da Saag holds a place in Punjabi tradition. This vibrant green dish, packed with minerals and vitamins, becomes a delicacy when cooked with aromatic spices and herbs. It takes the spotlight during celebrations, like Lohri and Baisakhi, as a winter staple. To enhance the experience, you can pair it with mango pickles or any other accompaniment of your choice while sipping on a glass of lassi.

  •  The Paratha:

Paratha is a culinary delight cherished by many, particularly when prepared in the distinctive Punjabi style. There are a variety of parathas, such as aloo paratha, gobhi paratha, paneer masala paratha, and more, which add diversity to this beloved dish. Pair it with ginger tea for an awesome experience.

  •  Kada Prasad: 

Experience some delicious specialties, especially Kada Prasad, considered the best dessert. At Gurudwaras, this dish is frequently offered as a blessed prasad. It is made with roasted suji or wheat flour, desi ghee, cashews, almonds, pistachios, raisins, sugar, or jaggery.

  • Pinnis:

Another healthy dessert from Punjab is pinni. It is a traditional sweet made with a lot of dry fruits mixed with jaggery, which gives energy and keeps worms away in the winter.

  •  Malai Lassi:

When we are talking about Punjabi food, we can’t forget about the iconic Lassi. The creamy concoction is fondly referred to as ‘Punjab ki Shaan, Lassi Da Glass.’ It is an evergreen drink that comes in different flavors, like rose, strawberry, and mango. It includes the sweet and creamy texture of the fresh curd and milk, garnished with dry fruits.

  • Dal Makhani:

Dal Makhani is a main-course curry dish. This dish is very healthy and includes a mixture of soaked lentils cooked on a low flame with fresh herbs and flavorful traditional spices. Enjoy it with butter naan and add some pickles for an awesome experience.

  • Butter Chicken:

Butter chicken, a dish cherished by chicken enthusiasts, transcends its Punjabi origins and has a universal appeal. Marinated chicken mixed with creamy tomato puree is cooked on a parallel flame, making it a classic dish. This dish pairs impeccably with butter naan and fragrant basmati rice.

  • Amritsari fish:

A deep-fried fish in mustard oil with traditional spices, sprinkled with chaat masala and served with a chutney of ginger, garlic, coriander, and green chilies. If you love to eat fish, you will surely like Amritsari Fish. A crispy and crunchy pakora fish coated with wheat flour or gram flour offers a flavorful experience.

  • Paneer Tikka:

It is a traditional starter or entree dish. Paneer cut in a cubicle shape, flavored with spices and vegetables like onion and tomatoes, and roasted in an open furnace gives it a unique smoky flavor. Love all vegetarians and non-vegetarians as well. Don’t forget to sprinkle some chaat masala and lemon juice to make it more juicy and delicious.

  • Rajma Chawal:

It is the most-loved dish in India. A thick red kidney bean curry with flavorful spices and herbs makes it a nostalgic food. The Rajma is usually served with chawal (simple boiled rice) and sometimes with tandoori naan. Some people love adding sliced onions to fresh curd. You can also try it with roasted masala papad to get a crunchy taste.

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