AI Anchors Krish and Bhumi: Bringing Real-Time Agricultural News to India’s Farmers

On May 26, 2024, DD Kisan, a channel under India’s national broadcaster Doordarshan, celebrated its ninth anniversary by introducing two groundbreaking AI anchors, Krish and Bhumi. This innovative step places DD Kisan at the forefront of broadcasting technology, making it the first government-run TV channel in India to employ artificial intelligence in such a comprehensive manner.

The Role of AI Anchors in Agricultural Broadcasting

Krish and Bhumi are designed to disseminate crucial information related to agriculture. They provide real-time updates on agricultural market prices, weather conditions, and the latest research in both domestic and international agriculture. Capable of speaking in 50 languages, these AI anchors are set to deliver news 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without interruption.

Enhancing Farmer Outreach with Advanced Technology

The introduction of AI anchors aims to significantly enhance DD Kisan’s service to farmers. By delivering timely and accurate information, Krish and Bhumi will support farmers across India.The AI anchors will cover essential topics including market trends, weather forecasts, agricultural research, and government schemes, ensuring that farmers can make informed decisions.

Pioneering AI in News Broadcasting

DD Kisan is not just setting a milestone within India but also aligns with global advancements in AI news anchoring. The world’s first AI news anchor, Qiu Hao, was introduced by China’s state news agency Xinhua in 2018. Following this, India Today Group launched India’s first AI news anchor, Sana, on the Aaj Tak Hindi News Channel in 2023. Sana, designed to look like a human, utilizes text-to-speech technology to deliver news updates multiple times a day.

A New Era for DD Kisan

With the launch of Krish and Bhumi, DD Kisan is entering a new era of agricultural broadcasting. This revamp not only modernizes the channel’s look and feel but also reinforces its commitment to providing farmers with the most current and comprehensive information available. The channel’s mission, since its inception on May 26, 2015, has been to empower farmers with knowledge that aids in making timely and well-informed decisions.

By integrating AI technology, DD Kisan continues to uphold its dedication to India’s farming community, ensuring that it remains a vital resource in the agricultural sector. The inclusion of AI anchors Krish and Bhumi is a testament to the channel’s innovative approach and its unwavering support for the nation’s farmers.

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